Italian Design Meets Smart Home

For Home Renovations and Existing Homes

Remote control via app and voice assistants

It's beautiful.

Enjoy the beautiful design, the amazing quality and the attention to detail.
Do not leave anything to chance.

It's easy

Thanks to the iotty built-in WiFi, you won't need any HUB or central unit: iotty devices connect directly to your Wi-Fi through the iotty app. Remove your old switch, only the Phase and the Neutral wires are needed, that's it.

The Smart Switch

Internal lights, external lights, gates, automatic doors, external relays...

The Smart Shades Switch

Blinds, awnings, automatic windows, various motors compatibility...

The Smart Outlet

Computer, lamp desk, home appliances, coffe machine...

The easy and stunning smart home

Remote Control

Thanks to the integrated WiFi, monitor, command and program your iotty devices, wherever you are.

Smart features

Automations based on geofencing, time, sun, wifi and much more, to let your home adapts perfectly to your routine.


Program iotty backlight to turn on or change its brightness.


Sends multiple commands to multiple devices simultaneously with a single tap.


Monitor the power consumption
of your iotty devices.

Away mode

Turn on iotty devices randomly so it’ll seem like you’re at home.

  • Just a word away

    Tell your Wi-Fi switches what to do by talking to the most common Vocal Assistants.

  • "Alexa, execute the Welcome scene"

    Fully integrated with Amazon Alexa, easily execute your scene.

  • "Hey Google, close all the windows."

    Control the lights, shutters and outlets with your voice via Google Assistant.

  • "Hey Siri, turn on kitchen."

    Manage your Siri Shortcuts connected to your iotty devices.

Are you a Professional?

Want to partner up with iotty? If you are an architect, an installer or a reseller, don't hesitate to write to us.

  • Switch or Pulse activation

    Set iotty buttons as common on/off switches or as pulse activated buttons to control lights but also gates, external relays or automatic doors.

  • Multi-way switching

    Replace all switches that control the same light with the iotty Switch, wire the light to a single button and control it from multiple iotty spots using Wi-Fi only.

A design statement for Smart Homes

Everybody is going to notice. Bright and modern, it gives an elegant touch to your walls.

The Smart Shades Switch

  • Various motors compatibility

    To control shutters, blinds, awnings and automatic windows.

  • Shades

    1 switch for the up function
    1 switch for the down function

The best quality

Enjoy the amazing quality, do not leave anything to chance.

The Smart Outlet

  • ON/OFF button

    Switch the light on and off with just one touch.

  • Home appliances ✓

    The smart outlet, perfect for any household appliance.

Beautiful design and attention to detail.

It always meets the style of your house.

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