About us


IOTTY is our company. We founded it because we dreamt of making home automation simple and easy for everyone, with a particular focus on functionality and beautiful aesthetics, with amazing Italian craftmanship and contemporary design. We come from Italy and are working from these different parts of world to be able to create the very best product.

Thanks to our crowdfunding backers, we produced the iotty Smart Switch, the first of the iotty family. iotty is the new generation of IoT devices for home automation: it follows a PLUG & PLAY philosophy to take your home, office, or wherever you have a switch in, to a new, smart automation level.

Now that we are moving into retail, we already have another piece of the iotty company based in Las Vegas, USA, and our production site in China.



iotty in the world



We are at work to make the iotty family bigger, but we are already proud to say that we made home automation a little easier. With our products, everyone can have a smart home without the need of any hub or central unit. Thanks to the iotty built-in WiFi, you can remove your old switch, install iotty and connect it to your WiFi through the App – that’s it!

You can finally relax to the ease of iotty!

We are walking on this path together to become better and realize more and more of the dream that made us start this journey. We can’t wait to see what the future will bring!